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Let's demand change and discuss ways to fix Nigeria.

What Nigerians Want is an anonymous platform for Nigerians to discuss the country's most important problems and demand solutions or collaborate to take necessary action to bring about change.

What I want

Top things Nigerians want

Accountable leaders and Transparency in governance

We need a Nigeria where we have good health care system in place; constant electricity; excellent infrastructure; accountable leaders; functional educational system; 0% unemployment; dignity of life is preserved..... we all deserve the best and we need a complete overhaul of mentality. Not where our youths and people belief in vote buying and all that. There is a lot to change but we need to start looking out for each other. Ayo Akinduko

I will like our failed president and his cabinet to resign

Let's have a people inclusive government and democracy that can be held accountable for misappropriation and system failure.roundpeg in a round hole.

All police officers dismissed for misconduct should face trial.

Nigerian Police officers dismissed for misconduct do not get prosecuted. The implication of this is that there's no real deterrent against misconduct amongst police officers.

Put them on level 17.

The salaries and allowances of Senators and Reps are way too much . It should not be more than the highest scale in the civil service.

Nigerian senators should be paid with the same salary scale as civil servants

Senators earns a disproportionate income. Disproportionate to minimum wage and civil service salary scale. Disproportionate to the amount of work they do and their impact on society. Disproportionate to our GDP as a nation.

All government contracts awarded in the last 5 years should be published with their status.

Contracts are not getting completed and there's no transparency.

Pay Gratuities 2-5 years after retirement

I want the government to pay gratuities of retired workers!!! Why does it take forever? Do they have to die first?

Police officers that have killed, raped or stolen from the citizens should be prosecuted publicly

The Police are killing, raping and stealing from us

The IG should resign immediately

Bad roads

Make it possible for us to be able to register from abroad.

We can’t vote when we’re Away

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